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Koreans are famous for the amount they drink, especially with their evil green bottles, soju. No wonder soju is the most-sold alcohol in the world by quantity. Even though soju manufacturers are lowering their soju’s alcohol content, soju is still not regarded as an easy drink since it most commonly contains 20% alcohol by volume; deterring women away who prefer a lighter drink. As an effort to target female customers, soju companies have rolled out a surplus of fruit-flavored sweetened soju with lowered alcohol content, with the most popular one as Soonhari, as introduced here before on Hf.


This time around, we would like to introduce you to the second wave of the soju industry with some newly added items that are hyping up the whole Korean peninsula.


Brother #Soda

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Who said soju bottles are always green? With this new fizzy soju, the said evil green bottles are not green anymore. Instead, they’re in a watery emerald blue color, and even lighter than the classic green glass bottles since Brother #Soda comes out in a plastic bottle. Containing 3% alcohol by volume, Brother #Soda has a similar taste to a milky, sugary, yogurt-y carbonated canned drink named Milkis. Some say it tastes like cream soda. Recommended at its best when it’s preserved at 7 degrees Celsius. Go get one for yourself at local supermarkets (2,000 won) or restaurants (5,000 won).

誰說soju的瓶身一定要是綠色的?這種新型的起泡soju就不是裝在綠瓶裡的,取而代之的是一種泛著水綠的藍色,並且比傳統綠瓶輕了不少,因為Brother #Soda是裝在塑料瓶裡的。Brother #Soda只有3%的酒精含量,嚐起來很像那種叫Milkis的易拉罐裝碳酸飲料,混合了牛奶、糖還有酸奶。還有人說Brother #Soda嘗起來像忌廉蘇打。Brother#Soda最好置存於7攝氏度的環境下。在當地的超市花2,000圓或在餐廳花5,000圓就可以買到。

下面是Brother#Soda找新星Ha Yeon-soo代言的不同版本的廣告:

Chumchurum x Sticky Monster Lab

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Along with Chamisul, Chumchurum is one of the top soju brands in Korea. Although many Korean women prefer Chamisul due to its “Chamisul Fresh” option which contains less alcohol by volume, Chumchurm caught the attention of female customers this time with its special limited edition of soju bottles shaped in cute Sticky Monster Lab characters along with figurines and stationary such as magnets and stickers. Sticky Monster Lab has already collaborated with several commercial brands including cosmetics and bakeries, making it a hit each and every time. When this collaborative soju was first launched at a pop up store in Hongdae, there were long lines in front of the store full of customers eagerly waiting to cop a piece of these rare items. Now, you can meet these in local supermarkets as well at 5,000 won.

Chumchurum和Chamisul並稱韓國最大的兩個soju品牌。雖然不少女性朋友更傾向於選擇有低酒精度的「Chamisul Fresh」系列,但最近Chumchurum為了吸引女性顧客推出了限量版的soju:瓶身被設計為可愛的Sticky Monster Lab人物形象,此外還有同系列的小塑像以及文具,例如冰箱貼和小貼紙。 Sticky Monster Lab已經和包括化妝品和糕點在內的多家商業品牌進行合作,這使得這些品牌更加炙手可熱。而這次與soju合作的產品在位於Hongdae的品牌限定店一經推出,店門口就排起了大隊,大家都迫切地想要得到一件限量產品。而現在你在當地的超市花5,000圓就可以買到它們。


韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國soju燒酒變奏版hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Alcohol lovers might know that Korea has another national drink than soju – makgeolli. Containing 6% alcohol by volume on average, this rice wine is typically in a green plastic bottle with simple packaging. However, even makgeolli is following in the footsteps of its older brother by lowering its alcohol content, adding flavors and redesigning its packages. iCing is the first to bottle makgeolli in a tin can and add fruity flavors, to obviously, cater for the female drinkers. iCing even got a new festive wrap for the holiday season. Available at local supermarkets at 1,100 won.

愛喝酒的朋友們一定知道韓國還有另一種廣受歡迎的酒──馬格利。這種酒的平均酒精含量是6%。這種米酒通常簡易地裝在綠色瓶子裡。不過,現在馬格利也跟著它老大哥soju的腳步不斷降低酒精含量、增加不同的口味以及重新設計包裝。 ICing是首個包裝在易拉罐裡的馬格利酒,並且它為了吸引女性消費者,增加了水果口味。 ICing 甚至還針對節假日推出了節日版包裝。在當地超市花1,100圓就可以買到。

One might say all these are the one of those “short living, fast dying fads” that are common in Korean culture, like the Honey Butter Chips, but who cares, Korean women are all over this right now!

Editor’s note: My personal favorite is the Brother Soda. It’s very sweet and adds a soothing milky taste when mixed with the said alcohol in “the evil green bottles.”
編按:我個人最喜歡的是Brother Soda。它味道很甜,並且加入了牛奶口味,混合著soju裝在傳說中的「邪惡小綠瓶」裡。

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