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Boy and girl groups wearing uniforms as stage outfits has been a continuous trend, from Girl’s Generation’s ‘Marine Look’ to F(x)’s ‘School Look.’ Uniforms give space for fantasies in favor of fans that they have been a popular choice among most idol groups.


However, 2015 has been an exceptional year of uniforms. Never has been a year with several idol groups overlapping debut and comeback periods with the same uniform concepts. A Korean girl group, G-Friend debuted with the song “Glass Bead” earlier this year. G-Friend members performed in gym shorts and simple school uniforms of blue and white, bringing out the young, vibrant energy from them.

2015年更是「校園風」最盛行的一年,因為以前從未試過一年間會有幾隊偶像組合不約而同地以校服作為專輯封面或come back(回歸樂壇)時的服飾。其中女子團體G-Friend今年年初以一曲《Glass Bead》登場,而她們演出時就穿上運動短褲和藍白色的學校運動衫,這樣的打扮帶出了她們年輕和充滿活力的感覺。

G-Friend – Glass Bead

Photo via sourcemusic

The school look continued with Lovelyz in March with their comeback song “Candy Jelly Love,” and on with Berrygood, and Red Velvet. Sunny Hill’s comeback song “Child in Time” is about a girl who wants to go back to her school days and of wearing uniforms and being all-innocent.

而三月Lovelyz亦繼續以「校園風」配合新歌《Candy Jelly》作come back,接著就繼續由Berrygood和Red Velvet接棒。Sunny Hill亦以講述女生想回到校園生活、繼續穿著校服和過著天真簡單日子的《Child in Time》為come back之作。

Photo via Wollim Entertainment
Photo via Wollim Entertainment
Berrygood Photo via osen
Photo via osen
Sunny Hill Photo via Loen Ent
Sunny Hill
Photo via Loen Ent
上衣:MISS SELFRIDGE White embellished collar shirt, HK$320, available at ZALORA
裙子:DO DO FASHION Skater skirt in tartan, HK$556, available at CHOISES
襪子:LOVODA Knee high charcoal gray socks, HK$96, available at ETSY
鞋子:JEFFREY CAMPBELL Tristan boot, HK$1435, available at NASTYGAL

Why are so many Korean girl groups wearing uniforms on stage? There are several factors for this. One, the average age of girl groups is getting lower over the years. They debut at a young age as 16 and are mostly under aged. So that explains why they would choose school uniforms over any other outfit, as wearing them would show their freshness.


T-ARA Photo via naver-sports.khan.co.kr
Photo via naver-sports.khan.co.kr

Critiques also say that it is safe for girl groups to debut with a more naïve look and stray away from provocative outfits because they can’t go back to that concept once they show a sexy image. Others say that the audience is tired of seeing too much skin and sexy concepts out of the girls. So when girl groups looked for a way to show a pure image, uniform was the perfect fit. Whatever the real reason may be, there is no doubt that the 2015 keyword for both fashion and K-pop industry will be uniforms.


Hani Photo via dispatch
Photo via dispatch

The good news for us is that we can find ourselves liking our uniforms or trying the school look. Years back, the trend was having your skirt long below the knee level. Now it is the opposite. Girls like having their skirts short, way above the knee. With matching sneakers, a tennis skirt, and a white shirt or blouse you can look preppy. The point of the school look is simplicity and innocence (for some, nostalgia?) so tone everything down. You can give more touch to it with cute ankle socks or knee socks. If you are looking into a sexier version of the school look, I’d say Lee Hyori rocked the red check skirt, but a white shirt will do to steal the guys’ hearts away.


李孝利 Photo via sportsseoul.com
Photo via sportsseoul.com
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Now, are you ready to go back to your school days? Because I am!


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