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What will soothe you in blue, or what will accompany you at happy moments? Koreans will agree with that soju is the best answer. As the world’s most-consumed and one of the cheapest alcohol, soju has been a long-time friend for Koreans. Some of you might be already familiar with this green bottled liquor since many Korean dramas and films feature drinking scenes where soju is, which evidences how soju closely relates with Koreans’ daily lives.


Photo via guim.co.uk
Photo via guim.co.uk

What is soju exactly?

Distilling alcohol from starch made of grain such as rice is the traditional way to get soju. Modern manufacturers simply replaced ingredients to cheaper ones, sweet potatoes for example. The common soju Koreans enjoy drinking is diluted alcohol with water and ethanol with about 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). Soju and its symbolic green bottle and bitter taste are now transforming to meet up with young 20s taste. Fruity soju is now catching heart of 20s female in Korea.


Photo via beer2day
Photo via beer2day

Frankly speaking, the now existing soju, mostly containing 17% alcohol, is favored by men but rarely by female due to its bitter taste and high ABV. Hence, several eateries have been making sweeter versions of soju by adding fruity drinks and carbonated liquids. Due to the popular demand, soju manufacturers have now come up with a ready-to-serve cocktail soju, which does the sweetening process for you in advance. Hf will now introduce you to the trendiest types of fruity soju that are sweeping Korea.


From Soju to Soonhari

Lotte Beverage, one of the biggest soju providers in Korea, added Soonhari(순하리), which means ‘be soft,’ to its soju line called Cheoeumcheorum(처음처럼). Soonhari, like its name suggests, is a soft sweet cocktail soju low in alcohol, which is 14% ABV, with a natural citrus flavor which not only adds a fresh taste but also decreases unwanted alcoholic scents. Soonhari is a great hit in Korea that most shops are out of stocks.


Photos via huffpost.com
Photos via huffpost.com

So far, Soonhari is the most popular cocktail soju, especially among young females. However, don’t be disappointed that there is only one manufactured cocktail soju at the moment. In fact, there are many other beverage brands that created, or, at least, in the process of launching cocktail soju lines with other flavors. Jinro Hite Beverage, manufacturer of the most popular soju brand Chamiseul(참이슬), launched kiwi soju cocktail. People say that it has a slight taste of kiwi at first and that its last sip is like a normal soju taste but sweeter. Zoeunday, another mega soju manufactuer, is on its way to show three types of cocktail soju – red, yellow and blue. Each tastes like pomegranate, citrus and blueberry. While the bottles maintain soju’s symbolic green color, the package will be redesigned by changing its barrelhead color and printing layouts on the outside.


Photos via tistory.com
Photos via tistory.com

Soju used to be an evergreen liquor for a long time. Now its enlarged variations in tasty cocktail version are available for you. Try homemade soju cocktail and then compare it with Soonhari. Readymade soju cocktail is just realistic as the mixed one, but just much more enjoyable!


How to Make Soju Cocktail?

編輯推薦,2款最適合夏天的soju cocktail,在家裡也可以動手做!

01 Soju Watermelon Cocktail

02 Soju Ginger Honey Cocktail



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