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K-Culture:來自韓國的潮流新星DJ Soda,如何紅了起來?

HF Crewon July 4, 2015 at 9:43 am

If EXID was the last trending figure on the K-pop scene with their “Up & Down” choreography, there is another star on the clubbing scene that rose to fame in a similar way. Her name is DJ Soda, an attractive Korean female DJ who is famous for her “pipe dance,” and, of course, her glamorous looks.

如果EXID和她們單曲《Up & Down》代表著最潮的K-pop形象,那麼韓國clubbing屆的代表必定非最近躍起的一顆新星──DJ Soda莫屬。這位女DJ最著名的就是她的「管樂舞」,還有她那美艷的容貌和充滿個性的造型。

dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚nike黑白街拍運動風
Photo via DJ Soda/Instagram

DJ Soda got her name from her nickname, which derived from her full name, Sohee Hwang. She DJs at major clubs like Octagon and Mad Holic, as well as music festivals around Korea. The thing is, as you can tell from her appearance, she wears tight outfits that highlights her curvy figure. No wonder herds of men gather around the DJ box whenever she performs at big clubs. She was also featured on MAXIM magazine for an editorial shoot, along with posing in front of cameras for other big-named glossies. Opinions vary on her DJing ability, so watch these clips below and decide for yourself.

DJ Soda是從她的全名Sohee Hwang衍生出來的暱稱。她除了會在不同的大型酒吧當DJ,例如Octagon和Mad Holic,亦會到不同的韓國音樂節。她的衣著絕對可以解釋到為何每次都有這麼多男生圍在DJ台附近看她打碟,原因是她經常穿著緊身的衣物去突顯身體的曲線。她亦曾經在《MAXIM》雜誌中擔任過一次專欄模特兒。至於她的打碟功力都是眾說紛揉,所以不如觀看以下的影片,由你自己去感受。

dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚女神短髮
Photo via Club Octagon
dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚女神短髮
Photo via Club Octagon
dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚女神短髮maxim雜誌大片
Photos via Maxim Korea
dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚女神短髮 dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚黑白街拍運動風
dj soda korea韓國clubbing夜店紅人時尚黑白街拍運動風
Photos via DJ Soda/Instagram & Streetfoot

In case you wanted to learn the pipe dance, here’s a tutorial video. There are four different versions of the pipe video, but the second one is the most popular. Here’s how to do it.
若然你想學「管樂舞」的話,那你就可以參考以下的教學短片。雖然「管樂舞」有4個不同版本,但第二個是最受歡迎的,以下就教你如何學DJ Soda一樣跳出可愛的「管樂舞」。

Step 1

Put your hands together as if you were playing the pipe. Only on one side.

Step 2

Push down your hands on your side irregularly.

Step 3

Shake off dust on your shoulders and jump at the same time.

Step 4

Hip waves, Focus on your rotating your pelvis.


Original featured image via bourjois & sweetfoot




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