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It will be hard to doubt that Koreans have a special affection towards alcohol and sweet desserts. Among the myriad of up-and-coming eateries, Hf would like to introduce you to the list of hottest restaurants and bars in Seoul, which offer wonderful series of unique alcoholic desserts that is worth trying while you are staying in Korea. As already introduced in the previous article about the hype on the new type of soju, the alcoholic beverage industry in Korea is evolving fast. Here are some recommendations for those who seek for both aesthetics and taste!

Yong 9 Beer – Flower drop jelly

via story.kakao.com
via story.kakao.com

Yong 9 Beer, which has many branches around Korea, presents innovative alcoholic menus that you won’t be able to find at other restaurants. Among all, the one in Geondae area is known as the repository place of the newest menus. Its flower-drop jelly looks like jelly in the shape of a water drop, which also has a floral leaf inside and is served on a spoon with a slice of lemon and mango syrup. It is a watery pudding with 9% alcoholic content.
在韓國擁有許多分店的Yong 9 Beer,主打在其他餐廳找不到的創新酒單。在眾多分店裡,建大所在區域的分店被喻為新潮酒單的貯藏地。它們的flower-drop jelly看起來就像水滴狀啫哩,裏面加入了花葉,而勺上搭配了一片檸檬和芒果汁,這款甜品是含9%酒精的水質布甸。

via instarank24.com, myfeed.jp
via instarank24.com, myfeed.jp

Also, Young 9 has many other famous menus such as Hawaiian Soolush, which is an alcoholic mixture of a semi-frozen drink with tropical fruit flavors, and series of Soolbing, i.e. alcoholic shaved milk ice, chocolate and mango.
另外,Yong 9 有很多其他名氣甜品例如Hawaiian Soolush,是一種熱帶水果味的冰鎮混合酒精飲品,以及Soolbing系列,像是含酒精的牛奶、朱古力和芒果刨冰。
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via plain.kakao.com, photo.sh, myfeed.jp, instawebgram.com
via plain.kakao.com, photo.sh, myfeed.jp, instawebgram.com

Yong 9 Beer – Geondae Branch
地址:51-4, Achasan-ro 33 gil, Kwangjin-gu, Seoul (Konkuk university station exit 2 or 3)

5Bey – Cotton Candy Cocktail

via twitter.com, pholar.co
via twitter.com, pholar.co

One of the hottest regions in Seoul nowadays is Kyeongridan-gil at Station. This region is full of cool pubs and restaurants that create a unique atmosphere. Amidst the cool vibe, an American Style restaurant 5Bey is known for its eye-awakening cotton candy cocktail, which is an icy cocktail of strawberry, banana and margarita served with cotton candy on the top. They also offer non-alcoholic versions of the cotton candy cocktail. This fluffy pinkish cocktail will definitely be aesthetically pleasing. Instagram awaits!

地址:10 Noksapyeong Dae-ro 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
營業時間:Tue, Wed, Sun 12:00 – 23:00; Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00-24:00

North Shore – Duck on the North Shore

via vingle.net
via vingle.net

Aloha! A hipster brunch restaurant and bar, North Shore, is known for its Hawaiian mood and tropical menus. It is a brunch café which makes a good selection of Hawaiian styled food. When you are exhausted from the summer heat, North Shore will make a good summer retreat. Its most famous menu is its duck-clad cocktail, “Duck on the North Shore.” As the name suggests, this drink is served in a huge bowl full of blue colored lemonade and mini rubber ducks floating around. It is actually a non-alcoholic cocktail that you can enjoy during the day and night.
Aloha!時髦的酒吧餐廳North Shore以夏威夷感和熱帶菜式為人所知。這間提供早午餐的咖啡館有精緻的夏威夷風格食物,當你在夏日熱浪下感到疲憊不堪時,North Shore就是最適合的靜修之地。他們最有名氣的是duck-clad雞尾酒,就如「Duck on the North Shore」的說法,黃色小鴨子在滿滿一大杯的藍色檸檬汽水上漂浮。其實這款是非酒精飲料,你在白天夜晚都能享受。

via pixgram.co, instagram24.com
via instagram.com

North Shore
地址:44 Jandari-ro 3 an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
營業時間:10:00 – 22:00


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