Film Club:這個週末,就看看韓國編輯推介的10大經典電影吧!

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When it’s cold outside and you’re feeling lazy, what’s better than snuggling up at home under a warm blanket watching a movie of your choice? As degrees plummet down in Korea, more people are turning to movies, whether at a theatre or a movie night at home. As much as Hollywood movies are monopolizing the worldwide movie industry, Korean movies are second to none, along with Bollywood movies. For those who love everything Korea, you might want to step into the Korean movie scene as well, with my personal recommendation of these timeless Korean movies. Since a lot of good Korean movies touch upon Korea’s colonization history and war, I have excluded those ones since they require high understanding of Korean history, to cater for the international audience.



Perhaps one of the most widely seen Korean movies worldwide, My Sassy Girl is a typical romcom in which an inexperienced student engages himself in a love interest and almost an abusive relationship with the eccentric, regular drunk girl. If you’re into romcoms, this is not the one to miss!


엽기적인 그녀My Sassy Girl (2001)


With veteran director Bong Joon-ho at the helm, this fantasy/SF movie revolves around a father struggling to rescue his daughter kidnapped by a monster. This movie is unique in the sense that it is set along Seoul’s heart, Han River.


괴물 The Host (2006)


Frequently donned as the Korean version of The Day After Tomorrow, Haeundae depicts fictional catastrophic climatic effects, in which a big tidal wave is about to hit Korea’s famous southeast coast, Haeundae, in Busan. Good spectacles enhance the tension along the movie.


해운대 Haeundae (2009)


Often referred to as a one-man show by the actor Won Bin, The Man from Nowhere is an action film in which a socially secluded ex-soldier, played by Won Bin, ventures into a dangerous quest to pull out his young neighbor from a suspected drug deal. If an eye-candy, ehem, Won Bin, and spectacular visuals are what you’re looking for, then go for this movie.


아저씨 The Man from Nowhere (2010)


Sunny marks the birth of the retro trend which is full in swing right now due to the Reply TV series. It alternates between two timelines where the now middle-aged women reminisce about their past in the 1980s when they were in high school. If you wish to have a deeper understanding of the retro trend in Korea now, this movie is the one you need to watch.


써니 Sunny (2011)


Starring the flower-boy Song Joong-Ki, this mellow film revolves around the feral boy being domesticated under a teenage girl, played by Park Bo-young. If a sweet, heartwarming movie is what you’re looking for, this is it.


늑대소년 A Werewolf Boy (2012)


A retrospective film showing two time-phases of a couple that fell in love during an architecture class, this movie is credited by Suzy of Miss A as her most successful movie, where she earned the honorary title of “National sister.” Some fun, some tears, and some nostalgia. Good movie.

影片描述了兩個時區,講述一對戀人相識、相愛於建築學課堂。這電影其中一位演員-Miss A的秀智,曾指這是她最成功的電影,更使她贏得了「國民妹妹」的稱號。故事有笑、有淚,更夾雜了懷舊情懷,可稱得上一部好電影。

건축학개론 Architecture 101 (2012)


With legendary director Bong Joon-ho taking the helm again, this science fiction film spans the chronicles that happen in the Snowpiecer train, which holds the last remnants of humanity in different chambers. With each chamber reflecting different classes of people, this movie was favored by critics as a harsh example of the modern hierarchical society.


설국열차 Snowpiercer (2013)


Starring a stellar cast with the likes of Jun Ji-hyun and Ha Jeong-woo, The Berlin File is an action / spy thriller film that takes place in Berlin as North and South Korea’s intelligence agents clash upon a weapon deal. Breathtaking visual effects and thrilling scenes ahead!


베를린 The Berlin File (2013)


Revolving around a mentally impaired man who got wrongfully imprisoned for murder, Miracle in Cell No.7 is a warm melodrama where the imprisoners help him see his daughter for one last time before he is executed to death. With some funny scenes here and there, this movie is not to be mistaken as just a comedy movie, since it might break you into tears at the end.


7번방의 선물 Miracle in Cell No.7 (2013)

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