Meeting Marie Pottiez:能不嚮往這位法國插畫師在香港的生活態度嗎?

HF Crewon May 16, 2015 at 5:45 pm

近年來,自由工作者(Freelancer)成為了不少香港年青人嚮往的職業與生活態度。無非,Freelancer的生活自由自在,自己做「老闆」,工作與作息時間可以由自己控制,只要財政能力許可的話就能夠隨時旅遊。Marie Pottiez就是這樣的一位自由人,正職旅遊,副職插畫,自去年來到香港之後便愛上這個地方。Marie Pottiez有趣的地方是她身上經常帶著一本旅遊筆記,隨時準備好要捕捉這個城市的動態與氣氛。讓我們一同來認識這位年輕的旅人/插畫師吧!


New York
New York

HOKK fabrica: Hf | Marie Pottiez: M

Hf: Fill us in on your background. How did you become what you are now?
中: 可以告訴我們你的背景嗎?你是怎樣成為一位旅人/插畫師/自由人的?

M: I come from South of France and have been travelling with my family and drawing a lot since I was a kid. At 16, I started art school. It was then did I first consider art to be my future job. After high school, I continued art school in Belgium for three years, which was amazing because everything there was so artistic. While studying in Belgium I started to really travel, I’ve been to New York, I started to doodle, all those travel notebooks with my illustrations, my text. After that my dream was to work in an advertising agency in Paris.
中: 我來自法國南部,從小便跟家人旅遊和畫畫。16歲進了藝術學校讀書,那時萌起了以藝術作職業的念頭。高中之後去了比利時深造三年,在那裡的經驗十分棒,因為藝術氣氛十分濃厚,而且我是在比利時開始真正旅遊──我去過紐約,開始塗鴉,那些記錄了文字和圖畫的筆記本就是從那時而生。在比利時畢業後,我的夢想就是到巴黎廣告公司工作。

New Zealand
New Zealand
Marie Pottiez喜歡水彩的淺淡,易於修改,易於攜帶── 一本筆記簿、一支鉛筆、一盒水彩,就已經可以出門了。在紐西蘭的時候,她經常到海邊畫畫,拿點海水,就開始畫起畫來。
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

M: After one year of advertising, I just wanted to see the world. I left all I owned and went to New Zealand for six months. Since then, I’ve never stopped travelling as I really enjoy this kind of lifestyle as a freelancer. Two years ago, I lived in Indonesia, then Hong Kong. All those trips made me grow up faster because I get to meet so many people every day.
中: 在廣告公司做了一年後,我只想看看這個世界。我放棄了我在法國所擁有的,到了紐西蘭半年。在這之後,我就沒有停止過旅遊,因為我真的很享受自由工作者的生活。兩年前我到了印尼居住,然後來到香港。旅遊令我成長得很快,因為我每天都會遇見不同的人。

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Hf: Have you ever felt that you’re tired of travelling? Do you want to settle down?
中: 有覺得累的時刻嗎?有想過要安定下來嗎?

M: I’ve been travelling for four years and for the first time I feel really at home in Hong Kong. It’s Asia but it has lots of Western elements. You make friends easily here so you can have your life and feel at home easily. I start to think I’d settle down in Hong Kong a few years but I won’t settle down for life. When I’m travelling, I don’t say I want to go travel there. I always say I want to live there for a few months or few years.
中: 我過了四年的旅遊生活,香港是第一個地方給我有「家」的感覺。雖然是亞洲,但香港有很多西方元素,你很容易在這裡交朋友,因此你可以有自己的生活,很快便覺得很親切。我會在香港居住幾年,但我應該不會在這裡落地生根。我從來都不會說我想去某地方「旅遊」,我會說我想到那裡「住」幾個月或幾年。

Central, Hong Kong 水彩飛濺,反映了Marie初到繁忙中環時那種心情。
Central, Hong Kong
Central, Hong Kong
Central, Hong Kong

Hf: How many little notebooks have you accumulated over the years? Can you share them with us?
中: 這麼多年來,你累積了多少本旅遊筆記?可以跟我們分享嗎?

M: I’ve got too many! I’ve got a collection in France and I’m starting another collection in Hong Kong. I always bring one with me. It’s easy for me to write down my feelings, and look back again for future drawings. It’s almost addictive! So far I have up to 30 notebooks. They are very precious to me, especially when you look back after a few years.
中: 我實在有太多旅遊筆記了!在法國有一系列,亦在香港開展了新一系列的旅遊筆記。我時常將筆記帶在身上,方便我記錄思緒和感受,之後要畫畫都經常會翻開筆記做參考,感覺很上癮!到目前為止,我一共擁有30本旅遊筆記,每本都很珍貴,尤其是幾年後再翻看的時候。


Hf: How has travelling inspired you?
中: 旅遊對你有什麼啓發?

M: When you travel, everything is new, crazy and beautiful, so you have the eyes of a kid. You try new things, meet people, different cultures… It’s very exciting!
中: 當你旅遊的時候,所遇見的一切都是新的,瘋狂的和美麗的,你會以小朋友的眼睛看世界。你會嘗試新事物,遇上不同的人,不同的文化……很令人感到興奮!


Hf: I see you draw a lot of streets. What is so fascinating about the street as a subject matter?

M: Streets are very inspirational. When I was in New Zealand, I loved it, the lakes, etc. but it was very hard for me to illustrate because nothing much is happening. Streets are not static. Things are always moving in busy streets like in Mong Kok and Jakarta. Things never stop even during the night. It’s amazing for illustration but crazy to live there!
中: 街道很有啓發性。在紐西蘭的時候,我十分喜歡這個地方,但那就覺得這個地方沒有甚麼好畫,因為周圍都很寧靜。在如旺角和印尼雅加達的街道上,街道從不靜止,即便是在晚上。對一個畫畫的人來說很棒,很瘋狂,但要住在那裡就不好了!

Kowloon, Hong Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

M: During my first time in Kowloon, I experienced some shock because Kowloon streets are a bit messy – you don’t know where to watch! – whereas France is so quiet. Mong Kok streets are intense – the Thai massage signs, the markets… it’s a paradise for somebody who wants to illustrate. Illustration is always more interesting when there’s something happening. I might start a notebook solely for Mong Kok!
中: 第一次到九龍令我吃驚,因為九龍的街道有點花多眼亂,令人目不暇給!跟法國的寧靜很不同。旺角的街道很激動──那些泰式按摩的廣告牌、街市……簡直是插畫師夢寐以求的地方,有事情發生才會令插畫更有趣!可能我會開始一系列關於旺角的旅遊筆記呢!

Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Hf: As a freelancer, how do you establish discipline? How do you de-stress?
中: 作為一位自由工作者,你是怎樣建立自律的?你又會怎樣放鬆自己?

M: I make a schedule to ensure I really work. Sometimes when I’m working I don’t want to stop so I set apart time for blogging, illustration and copywriting. You don’t have to inform your boss three months ahead if you’re going on a holiday. But sometimes you have to work while you’re on holiday when the clients need you. It’s great being a freelancer in Hong Kong.
中: 我會訂立時間表,確保自己真的在工作。有時候我會工作到不想停下來,因此我必須訂立時間寫網誌、畫畫和撰稿。作為自由工作者的好處是不用三個月前向老闆請假,可以隨時旅遊。不過,有時候當客人需要你,你放假的時候也要工作。在香港做一位自由工作者很棒。

M: I love travelling within the city in my free time. I love reading travel posts online, and writing on my blog Miles of Happiness. It relaxes me. And of course, I need my daily time of sport.
中: 閒時,我會在城中遊覽,我喜愛瀏覽旅遊網誌,亦喜愛在自己的網誌Miles of Happiness上分享旅遊見聞,這會令我很放鬆。當然,我每天都必須要做運動。

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Hf: What’s your next destination?
中: 下一個目的地是?

M: Bangkok! I will head up to Thailand next October for a travel blogger event, and I can’t wait for it. Be sure to follow my adventures on my blog, Miles of Happiness!
中: 曼谷!我將會在10月參與泰國的一個旅遊博客活動,很期待呢!大家記得留意我的網誌Miles of Happiness!

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Photo courtesy of Marie Pottiez/ milesofhappiness

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