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We see a lot of English alphabet printed wearables on the street, but have you thought of any Asian languages on the separates instead? Well, Korea has taken the traditional Korean alphabet Hangul(한글) to new heights by applying them on daily products.


Hangeul, known for its scientific characteristics wherein its creation stems from the shape of the mouth when pronouncing the letter, is now being recognized as a good source of design from many designers and stationery makers. Here’s a sneak peek into how Hangeul is incorporated in everyday products!


Ban8 (8)

First made from a counteraction to meaningless English sentences inscribed on tee shirts, Ban8 has been made famous by writing trendy words or sentences the youngsters say on and off line.



For instance, there’s a tee that is currently selling online which says “hang-in,” which means a bystander, a Mr. Nobody. People jokingly call themselves hang-in in Korea to say that they are meaningless to others or that they don’t want to get involved with a certain embarrassing friend they are with, that they want to just walk away as if they don’t know each other.



There are other variations that say “mother,” “daughter,” “father,” and even for workplaces that say “team leader,” “fresh hire” and many more in Korean. It’s not much, but the words engraved on these shirts are so prominent, you cannot miss it when seen on the street.



That’s not it. This brand also sells stationeries that have funny sentences in Korean. On one of the notes it says, “With a face like yours, you need to study hard!”, “When you study hard and succeed, that Mr. Perfect is your man” which somehow (believe it or not) will motivate students to study hard.


Photo courtesy of ban8.co.kr
Photo courtesy of ban8.co.kr



Photo courtesy of sonart.co.kr
Photo courtesy of sonart.co.kr

This is the kind of product you would expect when you imagine seeing Hangeul used as part of a design in a product. Sonart uses circles, triangles and squares which is a basic foundation of Hangeul along with vowels and consonants of Hangeul as a pattern for most of its products. Sometimes these items will make sentences such as “I love you”, “Have a nice day”, “Congratulations” and so on. There are several versions of this brand, so everyone can pick one of each taste!


6-korean-hangul-inspired-design 7-korean-hangul-inspired-design 8-korean-hangul-inspired-design
Photo courtesy of sonart.co.kr
Photo courtesy of sonart.co.kr


Tium (티움)

Tium is also an on and off line brand which tries to show the world the beauty of Hangeul. It used to sell ties and more clothing, which uses Hangeul as its pattern.


via asiaeconomy.co.kr
via asiaeconomy.co.kr

On its website, the most hangul-istic product consumers would find is a business card case which has the national poet Yoon Dong Joo’s famous poem “Seo-see” inscribed with lacquerwork inlaid with mother-of-pearl to make it look more Korean.

在其網站上,你會發現當中最突出的韓文裝飾產品就是一款商務卡片盒,它刻有國寶級詩人Yoon Dong Joo的一首著名的詩「Seo-see」,漆器上還鑲嵌了珍珠母,看起來更富韓國特色。

Photo via tiummall.com
Photo via tiummall.com

Also, there are decorative hangul stationery which can be used as a memo stands. A set of three consonants, each set stands for “I like you(좋아해),” “I love you (사랑해),” “Thank you(고마워)”, “HaHaHa(하하하).” Also, the customer can choose three out of all hangul consonants or buy an individual consonant to make a customized DIY set.


「我愛你(사랑해)」韓文字母輔音 Photos via tiummall.com
Photos via tiummall.com


李相奉Lie Sang Bong

Photo via eto.co.kr
Photo via eto.co.kr

This high-end Korean designer most widely known for his use of Hangeul in his design. Many celebrities were seen wearing his clothes and his creative and beautiful way of using Hangeul as part of the style has both attracted and spread the beauty of Hangeul to customers all over the world. It is thanks to him that many designers started incorporating Hangul in their designs.


設計師李相奉和花樣滑冰運動員金妍兒 via elle.co.kr
via elle.co.kr

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