K-Dictionary Vol.6:蜜肌、蜜聲、蜜大腿?Kkul (꿀)的意思你必須懂!

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What comes up to your mind when you think of honey? Winnie the Pooh? Waffles covered in honey? Then have you heard of honey skin, honey thighs and honey abs? Here we introduce the up-and-coming term, “kkul(꿀),” which translates to honey in Korean. This is mostly used as a prefix, used accordingly with many different nouns, such as honey skin, abs, thighs, vocal cords, part time jobs, and fun to name a few. The prefix, like the literal meaning, can be used figuratively to mean something nice and smooth. Let’s explore some of the most-used terms with the word kkul.

每當講起蜜糖,你會想起些甚麼?小熊維尼?鋪滿蜂蜜的格仔餅嗎?不知道你又有沒有聽過「蜜肌」、「蜜大腿」和「蜜腹」?現在,讓小編介紹韓國最新的潮語「kkul 꿀」。「꿀」經常用作字首,用來修飾不同名詞,是蜜糖的意思,用來形容事物美好而順滑。讓我們一起看看以「꿀」作字首的用語吧!

Kkul pibu (꿀피부/Honey Skin)

Used to call someone (mostly women) who has dewy, poreless, silky, clear skin. Suzy from Miss A and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation are fine examples of celebrities with kkul skin.

蜜肌,用作形容(通常是女士)那種充滿光澤、零毛孔和柔滑潔白的肌膚,Miss A裴秀智Suzy少女時代的太妍就是最佳例子。

Miss A的Suzy Photo via kpoprocksmusocks.com
Miss A的Suzy
Photo via kpoprocksmusocks.com

Kkul bukji (꿀벅지/Honey Thighs)

Used to call females who have toned thighs. First used by Uee who rose to fame with her toned, long thighs. Those who have kkul bukji aren’t normally too skinny.

蜜大腿,用作形容女生那種結實、有線條的大腿,是韓國組合After School的UEE帶起這個用語,因為她本人就是擁有這樣結實健美的長腿。通常,擁有蜜大腿的女生身形都不會太瘦。

After School的UEE Photo courtesy of UEE
After School的UEE
Photo courtesy of UEE

Kkul sungdae (꿀성대/Honey Vocal Cords)

A term used first by fans to call their idol stars who can sing very well, but can also refer to someone who has a nice voice, preferably men. Popular among boy idol group fans when they call their lead vocal singer, like Junsu of JY and Yoseob of Beast.



Kkul jjam (꿀잼/Honey Fun)

A broad term used to call anything that is fun. It could be anything from mobile, online games to trending video clips, or even outdoor activities. For example, “Hey, have you checked out that new Dubsmash feature? It’s kkul jam!”

蜜樂,泛指任何充滿樂趣、好玩的東西,小至手機、線上遊戲,大至戶外活動,你也可以用蜜樂來形容。例子:「玩過了最新的Dubsmash 嗎?實在太蜜樂了!」

Photo via Elle
Photo via Elle

Here are the most popular terms related to the prefix kkul, but you could always come up with your own and add them to your list. Check out the clip below for an explanation video by a Korean girl group FIESTAR.


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