K-Dictionary Vol.08:友達以上,戀人未滿?韓語是這樣說的

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‘Tis the festive season again, and what better way is there to spend the warm holidays with your beloved ones? In honor of Christmas and New Year’s, we have prepared some phrases related to love that Koreans use on a more casual note. Follow along and take notes, who knows, your next soul mate might be Korean!


01 Sim Koong (심쿵)

An acronym standing for the short form of heart attack in Korean, sim koong is a verb used to describe when someone has spotted something or someone worthy of a heart attack, as in a crush. It is a compound word that comprises of the first two letters of the noun heart and the onomatopoeia of an object falling down. It can be used when falling in love at first sight, regardless of human or inhumane objects.

這個詞是韓語中表示「心動」的詞的簡潔縮寫形式。 Sim koong是一個動詞,用來形容一個人發現某事或者某人讓她/他怦然心動並深深迷戀。另外,這個詞其實是一個合成詞:由「心」這個詞的前兩個字母和形容物體掉落的擬聲詞組成。以後你就可以用這個詞形容那種讓你「一見鍾情」的感覺啦, 無論是對人還是對物。


• Oh my god, I just got sim koong by that cute girl smiling at me.
• 哦天哪,那個可愛的女孩對我笑的時候,我的心彷彿漏跳了一拍。

• That puppy is so cute! I am so sim koong.
• 那隻小狗好可愛!我覺得我的心都要融化了。

02 Some nam / Some nyeo (썸남/썸녀)

If you have a fling, these words might be very useful to you. Like the previous phrase, some nam / some nyeo are compound words that combine the English word “something” and the Korean words boy or girl to describe a fling. There is no specific definition of who falls in the category of some nam / some nyeo, but if you are going out on dates with this partner who is (not yet) your boyfriend/girlfriend, then he/she is most likely your some nam / some nyeo.

和前面那個詞一樣,some nam/some nyeo也是一個合成詞。它是由英語中的「something」和韓語中的「男孩」、「女孩」組成的。其實對於某人是不是some nam/some nyeo並沒有明確的界定,但是如果你和某人約會而這個人還不是你的男朋友/女朋友,那這個人就是你的some nam/some nyeo了,有點像「友達以上,戀人未滿」的關係。


• He texted you again asking you out for a movie? He’s definitely a some nam to you!
• 他又約你去看電影了?他一定是曖昧的對象!
• Are you seeing anyone? = Do you have a some nam / some nyeo?
• 你在和誰約會嗎?=你有沒有曖昧的對象?

03 Yeo sachin / Nam sachin (여사친/남사친)

On the other hand, these two words can be used to defend your point of view on your friends’ accusation of you seeing someone. Again, these phrases are compound words that are short forms of girl, person and friend for yeo sachin, and boy, person and friend of nam sachin. These two are used when you wish to describe someone that you friend zoned.

如果你朋友對於你和某人約會頗有微言,那這兩個詞就可以幫你維護自己的立場。如同前兩個詞一樣,這個詞也是個合成詞。 Yeo sachin由女孩、人和朋友的縮寫形式組成;Nam sachin由男孩、人和朋友的縮寫形式組成。如果哪天提到那個你只當普通朋友的異性,用這個詞準沒錯。


A: Who are you meeting tonight? Your some nam? That oppa again?
A: 你今晚去見誰?你的砲友?那個小哥?
B: No, he’s just a nam sachin.
B: 不,他只是一個一起約會的男性朋友而已。

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