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Now, one of the hottest channels on YouTube for Koreans is beauty channel. A Korean corporation CJ E&M, brought together a bunch of the hottest Korean beauty YouTubers and created a channel called “Beauty in me.” Each beauty YouTubers have separate channels they run, but they are also working for CJ E&M and sometimes make sponsored videos. For those who are unfamiliar with these beauty Korean YouTubers, here’s a quick guide telling who’s who.

現時在韓國最愛歡迎的YouTube頻道都是關於美容,韓國其中一個企業CJ E&M聚集了韓國著名的美妝YouTuber並創作了一個新的頻道名為《Beauty in me》。每一個YouTuber都各自有屬於自己的YouTube頻道,而同時她們亦會為CJ E&M拍攝一些贊助的短片。不熟悉韓國美妝達人的你現在就是好機會去了解更多了!

#1 SSIN:簡單易跟,又搞笑!

Ssin korean beauty blogger韓國美妝YouTuber教學黑唇

YouTuber Ssin was first recognized for her humor, let alone the easy. She isn’t like other beauty YouTubers who speak in a soft and soothing tone, but is more like the “big sis in the huss” kind. In other words, she doesn’t try to look and sound pretty. But that’s not the whole reason to her fame; she’s very good at make-up. Also, she’s a big fan of costume play, so some of the tutorials might be a bit too much to try it out in real life, but it’s still very fun to watch even for those who are not interested. Most of her videos now have English subtitles, so for those interested, take a peek!

YouTuber Ssin最初令人留下深刻印象是她的幽默,她不像一般的YouTuber以柔和的聲線去說話,反而像一個大姐姐,雖然她化妝技巧很好,但她卻不會令自己永遠保持完美,但正正因為她自然的性格就令她變得很受歡迎。除此之外,她也很喜歡利用化妝把自己變成另一個角色,所以有些化妝教學可能就不適用於日常使用,但也是值得一看的。她現在有很多短片都已經有英文字幕,這樣你就可以看很懂重點!

Ssin korean beauty 韓國美妝YouTuber美容
Ssin korean beauty youtuber blogger韓妝教學視頻美容
via YouTube

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YouTube: Hines382

#2 LAMUQE:時尚美人兒

via lamuqe.com

Lamuqe is known for her feminine style of make-up. She is quite the opposite of Ssin, and the viewers may find that her make-up tutorials are wearable and adorable. When comparing Lamuqe and Ssin, Lamuqe speaks in a more girlish way and so is her style.


via YouTube

She does not yet have as many videos as Ssin, but there’s plenty to look and some of them are tutorials of Korean celebrities’ make-ups as well.


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#3 KWAK TORI: 可愛夢幻風!

KWAK TORI ssin beauty blogger youtuber韓妝達人美容教學貼士
via santing.blog.me

Kwak tori is quite a close friend of Ssin, thus the two have a similar way of speaking. But Kwak tori is a little less rough due to her visual looks and make-up style. As indicated on her channel, she usually puts on doll-make-up, somewhat dreamy and girlish.

Kwak tori跟Ssin是好朋友,可能是因為這個原因她們的說話方式都很相似。但Kwak tori就少了一點粗獷感,原因是正如她的頻頻,她多數以娃娃感重的妝容示人,給人一種少女和夢幻的感覺。

KWAK TORI ssin beauty blogger youtuber韓妝達人美容教學貼士
via YouTube

Also, when looking though her channel, one can see that a lot of her make-ups are influenced by Japanese culture. You can see this clearly from one of her tutorials that introduces a “hungover” make-up style that’s quite in at Japan right now.

For those who are looking for funky but cute make-up, check out her channel!


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#4 CALARY GIRL: 搞笑、敢言!

Calary girl韓國美容達人youtube視頻教學
via YouTube

Calary girl became more famous due to her frank reviews that she gave on certain brand’s cosmetics. Her honest comments attracted a lot of viewers and her good make-up skills soon made her one of the top beauty YouTubers in Korea. Her tutorials are mostly daily make-ups that are not over the top, but also quite feminine. She speaks fluent Japanese and so some of the videos are in Japanese only, but don’t worry. Since she’s a newbie to the “beauty in me” group, more videos will follow!

你可以看到她說得一口流利的日文,有些影片更只有日語版本,但不用擔心,因為當她加盟了《Beauty in me》後她將會拍攝更多短片。

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YouTube頻道: calarygirl



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