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Asians are known to age slowly, but there are some serious vampires out there that look more than even a decade younger than their age, and no, we’re excluding those ones who rely extensively on plastic surgery. This time around, we decided to introduce you to some Korean celebrities that never seem to age, and share some of their secrets on preserving their youth.


崔江熙Choi Kanghee (최강희)

Koreans call those who look younger than their age as dongan(동안), which literally means a young face. There’s no other person to beat this seemingly young actress Choi Kanghee, who is always voted as having the best dongan look. Thought she was in her 20s? Wrong. Her age is actually 38.


via Star Daily News
via Star Daily News

Key to her youth? She says a stress-free mind is important to look young, as reflected in her carefree personality. Also, she is a big fan of green tea, which is widely known as having an anti-aging effect. She also revealed that she doesn’t eat meat a lot and would rather eat vegetables.


via Big Issue
via Big Issue

She also mentioned how she also goes to beauty salons to receive skin treatment, but in terms of makeup, she applies highlighter on the end of her nose to make her nose look round, which makes her look young. She also applies gallons of neck cream before bed, since it is never too much to stress the importance of neck wrinkle care as women age.


via shu uemura
via shu uemura

金喜愛Kim Heeae (김희애)

via Hangook Sports
via Hangook Sports
via Harper's Bazaar
via Harper’s Bazaar

An all-time-favorite for women’s glossies and beauty commercials, this 48-year-old actress Kim Heeae would be mistaken for a young lady at first sight. Her secrets to a young looking face lies to the facial masks she uses, along with spraying oil-based mists frequently. She also adds vitality to the skin by switching up warm and cold facial towel massages.


via SK2
via SK2

金喜善Kim Heesun (김희선)

via Cosmopolitan
via Cosmopolitan

Who would be able to tell that Kim Heesun is a married woman with a daughter just by her looks? On the heels of her prime time in the 90s, this 38-year-old actress disappeared from the screens, only to reappear a decade later with the same looks that didn’t change much from her 20s.


via donginbi
via donginbi

Tips to her youth? Surprisingly, she doesn’t use any special beauty products; rather, she stays away from them since she gets allergic reactions. She likes to make facial packs out of kiwi, which moisturizes the skin and has a whitening effect. One other tip that she revealed was drinking. She likes to drink makkeoli, a rice fermented alcoholic drink that is good for skin. She also added that having a stress-free mind is important.


What can we learn from these vampire celebrities?


1. Have a stress-free mind


2. Use facial masks, towels and mists to moisturize the skin


3. Drink green tea (and maybe makkeoli) that are good for your skin


4. Don’t rely too much on beauty salons and anti-aging cosmetics


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