Shops We Love:內外都講究!韓國江南區必訪Indie店

HF Crewon January 25, 2016 at 3:42 pm

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Need to keep up with the latest K-fashion trend? Here are some interesting boutiques worth visiting in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. I promise you will be awed by how amazing the shops are inside and out.


Gentle Monster

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Gentle Monster is not an ordinary eyewear shop. Their 5th space located in Garosu-gil is themed after the concept of “Home and Recovery,” which adds a touch of emotional context to the design of the store. Each showroom located all over Seoul displays its own unique story and is even considered one of the hottest places to visit by many tourists.

Gentle Monster不是一個普通的眼鏡商店。他們位於街路樹街的第5展銷店以「家園與復蘇」這一概念為主題,在店面設計上加入了一些感性、溫馨的元素。遍佈全首爾的各家展銷店都有自己獨特的故事,甚至是許多遊客必去的、最火爆的景點之一。

地址|23, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Spello is another must-visit destination known for its unique design. Taking cues from the interior of a large safe, it has a very eye-catching exterior and interior. Their customers are ranked on silver, gold, or diamond, according to their annual quantity purchase. VIP customers get the priority of using the safe as a private storage, just like an actual safe used in the bank. From casual to classic, Spello has all types of premium handmade men’s shoes. Plus a few women’s for a cute couple look. All of their shoes are made with high quality leather and is very comfortable as well. They also sell wallets, bags, and accessories so if you want to rock the dandy look, visit Spello!

Spello是另一個以獨特設計著稱的必去遊覽地。店舖被設計的彷彿是一個巨大的保險箱,無論是店舖門面還是店舖內都非常惹眼。顧客們依年購物量獲取銀、金、鑽石級會籍。VIP客戶擁有用保險箱存放私人物品的特權,它們就像是銀行裡真正的保險箱一樣。 Spello有各式各樣優質的手工男士鞋,無論是休閒款還是經典款都一應俱全。此外還有一些作為可愛情侶鞋配套售出的女士鞋。他們所有的鞋子都是用高質量的皮革做成的,並且穿起來非常舒服。他們還出售錢包、手提包和配飾,所以如果你想嘗試走dandy風格,就快來Spello看一看吧!

地址| 18, Dosan-daero 11-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Boon the Shop

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As “mixed” as their concept, in Boon the Shop, you can meet cool and contemporary styles in different elements such as fashion, music, art, and dining, all in one building. Their first private label, “LA Project,” was chosen to express the freedom and vibrant energy of Los Angeles inspired by the global fashion leaders and Hollywood celebrities. Boon the Shop introduces various traditions and reflects the carefree lifestyle of LA and its popular, hip brands. Boon the Shop even has a cafe and a bar.

Boon the Shop這家店主題是個「大雜燴」,你在這能找到各種酷炫前衛的元素,有關時尚、音樂、藝術還有美食,所有這些都被囊括在這一幢樓裡。他們的首個自家品牌LA Project靈感來源於洛杉磯的國際時尚領袖和荷裡活名人,傳達出了洛杉磯的自由和活力四射。 Boon the Shop帶給大家的不僅是各種傳統風格,還有洛杉磯的潮牌以及那種無憂無慮的生活方式。 Boon the Shop甚至還有一個咖啡廳和一個酒吧。

地址: 89, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Koon is a five story select shop with high-end contemporary items. It is definitely one of the trendiest stores in town. Koon is even popular among famous celebrities such as Jeong Useong, Jo In sung, Ko So Young, Kang Dong Won, Sandara Park, and much more. The first floor has sunglasses, accessories, fragrance, candles, and body products. The rest are all fashion and street style. It also has an outlet at the very top where you can find past season items for a reasonable price range. My personal favorite is their Nike collection because it carries shoes that are limited or out of stock in regular stores. They go on brand sales once in a while so look out for that as well!


地址| 1F, 263, Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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koon首爾江南indie店韓國旅遊攻略hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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