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With continuous tropical nights in Seoul, many Seoulites are escaping the urban heat by chilling beside the Han River or even camping there. For the busy city dwellers who want a quick getaway from the bustling city, it is quite pricey and bothersome to purchase all the camping equipment for a camping night which won’t happen that often. Hence, this brought about the glamping trend, which is a combination of glamorous and camping, which basically means luxurious camping.


What is Glamping?

Glamping is just like regular camping, but with a high-end touch. It brings the world of luxury into nature in the most seamless way ever. Glamping sites offer camping basics like tents and barbeques, but come in more luxurious options, such as comfortable and clean beds, and nice meals. It is perfect for busy city bees who want to satisfy their penchants for the outdoors but are too busy to do all the work for camping themselves. One drawback would be that it is quite expensive.


Glamping in Korea

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Westin Chosun Hotel Busan
Westin Chosun Hotel Busan
The Shilla Jeju
The Shilla Jeju
Lotte Hotel Jeju
Lotte Hotel Jeju

In Korea, hotels in Busan and Jeju are offering glamping packages, such as the Indian tent options in Westin Chosun Hotel Busan, and cabana style family-sized tents along with various leisure activities in The Shilla Jeju. Lotte Hotel Jeju offers a European-style glamping option out in the nature, where guests can camp out at the tents and come back to the hotel and sleep in cozy hotel rooms later. Don’t have time or budget for these options? Don’t worry. There are glamping-themed restaurants and pubs in the ever-bustling, busy Seoul, which will quench your thirst for the outdoors, even it’s for a couple of hours.

在韓國,釜山和濟州島的一些酒店會提供豪華露營的服務,像是Westin Chosun Hotel Busan有印度帳篷供客人選擇,以及在The Shilla Jeju有涼台平房的家庭款帳篷和休閒活動。Lotte Hotel Jeju則提供了在戶外的歐洲風格豪華露營,客人們可以在營地遊玩後回到舒適的酒店房間休息。沒有太多時間和金錢?毋需擔心,還有一些以豪華露營為主題的餐廳和酒吧座落在繁華的城市裡,暫且可止住你對戶外活動的渴求,就算只有短短幾個小時。

Glamping in the city

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The Glamping in Seoul’s foreigner district Itaewon is the pioneer of city glamping, as it boasts a four-story glamping-themed complex with each floors having unique concepts. The second floor is fully equipped with several tents that go around a swimming pool in the middle, whereas beanbags and artificial grass cover the third and the fourth floor, enabling the visitors to enjoy views of starry summer nights while they sip on their favorite drinks.

位於首爾梨泰院區的The Glamping是城市豪華露營的先驅,每層結合了獨特的概念打造出四款豪華露營主題。二樓設置了幾頂帳篷營地圍繞著中間的游泳池,而豆袋椅和人造草佈滿第三、四層,讓人們邊喝著最愛的飲品邊享受夏日星空景觀。

網址: http://www.theglamping.kr

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Located in the rising trendy street of Kyungridan-gil, an American-style camping pub Seoul Salon offers a more funky camping experience as the whole venue is painted with graffiti. The true gem of Seoul Salon lies in the rooftop, as the incandescent lamps and camping chairs send off a cool camping vibe in the city. On the weekends, it might be hard to find spots on the rooftop as it is quite popular among local Koreans.

座落在人氣攀升的經理團路(Kyungridan-gil),美式露營風格酒吧Seoul Salon以塗鴉裝飾的場地提供一種更時髦的露營體驗。這間酒吧的瑰寶位於天台,白熾燈和野營椅為城市送來清涼的露營氛圍。週末期間,由於這裏非常受韓國人歡迎,因此可能很難找到空位置。

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Looking for a more authentic, private camping experience in the city? Check out café CABIN at the rooftop of A.NATIVE’s flagship store in Hannam district, not too far from Itaewon. From vintage wooden floors and walls to brazier, camping chairs, tents, and barbeque grills, café CABIN provides a real camping experience in the city. Note that it takes only reservations and opens up to only one team per day.

你是否正在城市裡尋找一種可靠、私密的露營體驗?可以來漢南區A.NATIVE旗艦店天台上的café CABIN看看,它離梨泰院不是很遠。從復古木地板和牆壁到銅製露營座椅,還有帳篷和燒烤架,它能在城市裡給你一個真正的露營體驗。要留意的是它只接受預約並且每天最多開放給一組客人。

What are you waiting for? It’s time for glamping!



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