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For those who want to visit Korea and admire its natural beauty to the fullest, autumn is the right time to take that flight. Among the four seasons of Korea, autumn is the time of the year when the photos you take will be filled up with color while the moderate yet sunny temperature will make every step evermore delightful. Doesn’t this remind you of something that fits right into the box? That’s right, a nice stroll along the park. Thus, here are some recommendations for the most picturesque parks and forests within Seoul that you can visit on a nice autumn’s day.


Jamsil Seokchon Lake

Also known as Songpa Naru Park, this is the most famous walk of Seoul. It’s usually called Seokchon Lake, but what really makes it worthwhile are the rows of trees that adorn the place. With the beautiful maple trees and scenic lake the walk surrounds, this place will make you feel ever more autumn-y than anywhere else. It’s also near an amusement park called Lotte World, another famous attraction of Seoul along with its recently built shopping mall that has plenty of options for food, fashion, cinema and more. It’s a complete package of everything you need for a perfect date!

Jamsil Seokchon Lake又名Songpa Naru Park,是首爾最有名的步行公園。雖然稱Seokchon Lake,但這裡真正最知名的卻是長滿路兩旁的樹木。有了兩旁漂亮的楓樹加上風景秀麗的湖泊,令這個地方秋天之意更濃。而這裡亦跟另一個首爾地標,剛剛新建的Lotte World非常接近,可以選購食物、衣服,甚至可以看場電影等等。這裡包羅萬有,絕對能為你提供一個完美的約會呢。

韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

地址: 148 Jamsil-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Banpo Montmartre Park

Upon hearing the name, you might wonder, “Why the French name?” This park was named so because French people who live at Seorae Village near the park called the nearby road ‘Montmartre Road’ hence the French title for the park. When you reach the center of the park, watch out for a rabbit ambush among bushes of clovers-it’s true, they have real rabbits running freely around the park. Diagonally from the entrance of Montmartre Park, there’s a bridge called Silk/Silkworm Bridge, which looks over the city view of Seoul. Not only is this bridge a perfect spot to overlook the city but also an excellent photo zone at night when the lights on the bridge are lit.

你可能會好奇為何這裡會用法國的名字,其實是因為有法國人居住於公園附近的Seorae Village,而他們又習慣叫附近的一條街為「Montmartre Road」,所以公園也因而得名。深入公園的中心地帶,你要小心在灌木叢裏可能有兔仔伏擊,因為牠們是可以於公園的各處奔跑的。在公園入口斜對面,是一條名Silk/Silkworm Bridge的橋,站於橋上你可以俯瞰整個首爾市。除了觀看城市面貌外,在晚上橋會開滿燈光,是個極佳的影相位置。

韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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地址:93 Mountain Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Yongsan Family Park

Used before as a golf course, this park is for families and groups of people who are looking for a picnic area. A large pond and green pastures that are perfect for a leisurely afternoon makes this place a frequently-visited park for those who know it. Also, National Museum of Korea stands right next to the park, so why not stroll to Yongsan Family Park after looking around the museum? Relaxation and fabulous view are guaranteed!

這兒的前身是個高爾夫球場,而正在則是個十分適合家人和一眾朋友野餐的地方。喜歡這裡的人,都會被這兒的大池塘和綠色草地所吸引,不停重遊此地享受悠閒的下午。位於公園旁邊的是有韓國國立中央博物館,非常值得再到訪公園後到來一看。想要放鬆心情,又想欣賞景色,這個Yichon Yongsan Family Park是很好的選擇。

韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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開放時間: 星期二、四、五(9am-6pm),星期三、六(9am-9am),星期日與假日(1月1日外)(9am-7pm)

地址:137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Yongsan Family Park

地址:185, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Tukseom Seoul Forest

Primarily built to become Seoul’s Central Park taking after New York, it cannot be called ‘a park’ due to its huge size thus, Seoul Forest. It has five themed-parks: Cultural Art Park, Eco Park, Experience Center, Wetland Eco Center, Han River Waterside Park. Cultural Art Park has all the recreational facilities such as skating park, visitor center, outdoor stage and so on. Eco Park has everything related to nature-ponds, hills and small zoos where you can feed deers and elks. Experience Center and Wetland Eco Center offers an opportunity to learn about nature such as birdwatching and outdoor nature class. Han River Waterside Park has a dock where you can go aboard cruise ships that tour up and down the Han River. We recommend you to pick one spot at a time, because the forest is so big that it will take you more than a day to see all!

Tukseom Seoul Forest是效法紐約中央公園而新建的地方,但因為範圍太廣,所以不能稱為公園,而是屬於森林。這裡有五個不同主題的公園,包括: 文化藝術公園、環保公園、實踐公園、濕地生態中心及漢江水邊公園。文化藝術公園有不同的休閒設施如溜冰公園、訪客中心和露天舞台等。環保公園有關於大自然的一切,如池塘,小山丘和可以餵飼鹿和麋鹿的動物園。實踐公園園和濕地生態中心則以學習為主,有觀鳥及戶外的大自然課堂。漢江水邊公園設有碼頭,你可以在那兒乘坐郵輪遊覽漢江。範圍這裡太大了,一天實在遊不完,所以建議您若果想來這裡的話,每次選擇一個主題公園吧!

韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
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地址:273 Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Gildong Herbal astronomy Park

This is the park that all couples or couples-to-be must get to. Ladies, get ready to get drenched in the aroma and color of herbs and flowers in these not large but attentively designed flower beds of all sorts. As for the gents, wait till the sun goes down and stars shine bright. Your patience will pay off because at night, the park lights up most romantically and you might get the chance to observe the stars within the ‘Small Observatory’. It’s undoubtedly a win-win date for both!

這是情侶或是交往中男女的必到之地。因為此地怖滿了不同種類的花,整個地方散發著芬芳氣息,放眼望去,精心設計的花圃充滿了不同色彩儼絡。當太陽下山後,這兒夜空的星星會特別亮眼。而晚上的Gildong Herbal astronomy Park更是非一般的浪漫,四周的亮起了燈光,猶如天上繁星一樣璀璨。在這裡,你跟你的伴侶也必定能享受這個約會。這裡更有一個小小的天文台,可以藉此機會觀看無數的星星。

韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾秋季郊遊旅遊hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌


天文觀星房:3月至10月 7:30-9:30


地址:94 Mountain, Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul



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