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Have you ever heard of the term “Kidult?” It’s a new word derived from the combination of the words “Kid” and “Adult.” According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of kidult is so-called a grown-up who doesn’t want to grow up and would instead prefer entertainment for children, such as cartoons, toys, comic books, Disney movies and so on. As a kidult myself, playing with toys and watching films from my childhood reminds me of the good old days, and allows for an escape from the present and escape to the innocent youth. Is it a crime to cling on to our favorite characters from our childhood? Nope! Here are some hot-vintage hideouts located in Korea for kidults.

# Neon Moon

Neon Moon是位於延南洞的著名kidult商店,離弘大區不遠。值得一提的是,如果你很喜歡粉色,這家店你就一定要去了。店鋪很小,不過一進門就有很亮的霓虹燈歡迎標誌。店裡有很多袖珍圖畫和玩具,讓你有置身童話王國的感覺。此外,Neon Moon還出售自制的復古主題手機套和套衫。

Located near Hong-Dae, Neon Moon is one of the hot kidult shops in Yeonnam-Dong. If you’re obsessed with pink, this is the place to be. The shop is pretty small, but starting with the greetings from a bright neon sign, the shop is filled with miniatures and toys; walking into the shop will make you wonder as if you’re in a fairytale land. Neon Moon also creates its own phone cases and jumpers that strongly carry out their own identity as a vintage brand.

neon moon seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @99.328/Instagram
neon moon seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @mgbyeolii_/Instagram
neon moon seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @solxbkk/Instagram
neon moon seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @in_newface/Instagram

地址:194-11 Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
聯繫方式:+82 2 326 3002

# Pixie

Pixie距離Neon Moon只有不到五分鐘的步行路程,是個毛絨動物玩具愛好者的天堂。與韓國其他毛絨動物玩具店不同的是,Pixie出售的都是很珍貴的復古玩具,其他地方根本買不到。誰規定成年人不可以抱著心愛的毛絨玩具入睡了?來Pixie認領一個你最愛的毛絨動物帶回家吧!另外,據說Pixie還是一個流浪貓收留處,愛貓人士也一起來Pixie逛逛吧。

Located within a five minute walk from the Neon Moon, Pixie is a place to be if you are obsessed with stuffed animals. Pixie differentiates with other stuffed animal shops in Korea as they hold rare and vintage items that are hard to purchase anywhere else in the country. Who says we can’t sleep with a stuffed animal as an adult? Treat yourself to a cute fluffy new toy to cuddle at night. In addition, according to some sources, Pixie is also well known as a sanctuary for cat lovers, so why don’t you cat lovers also check out this place?

pixie seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica pixie seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
pixie seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photos via Pixie/Facebook

地址:494 Changcehon-Dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea.
聯繫方式:+82 70 4207 2323

# MiMi—Donut


The last shop is for all the figurine lovers. It’s a place that you just simply cannot walk out without carrying a shopping bag. Sold at a reasonable price, MiMi-Donut is filled with vintage action figurines of the characters that we were most likely obsessed with as a child, such as Pink Panther, all the toys from Toy Story, Annoying Orange, characters from Disney animations and so much more! Just entering into the shop will return you to childhood. Here’s a NEED TO KNOW, though. The shop itself has no sign hung upfront so keep a look out and don’t miss your stop!
mimi donut seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica

mimi donut seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photos via @mimidonut/Instagram
mimi donut seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @amyang_20/Instagram
mimi donut seoul首爾旅遊復古kidult hokk fabrica
Photo via @somini_ee/Instagram

地址:34 Sinchon-ro 2an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.


Liked this article? Why don’t you visit these stores and revisit your childhood days? It’s completely okay to miss what we’ve let go once in a while and relive our youth.

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