K-Style:粉紅出沒注意!駕馭到韓國女團miss A的 All-Pink 造型嗎?

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Once again, miss A, a JYP Entertainment girl group, is topping Korean music charts with their hit single Only You. It seems like they are enjoying a successful long-run comeback after a year-over break from the K-pop scene. Who cannot be addicted to a song that has a heart fluttering chorus, sexy ‘oohs’, and hip-hop chants?

韓國JYP娛樂旗下的女子組合miss A休息近一年後再度性感回歸,近來憑著熱播單曲〈Only You〉再次榮居K-Pop榜首。也難怪,有誰能夠抵擋她們那些令人心動的歌詞、性感的嬌嗲聲和hip-hop說唱?

miss A – Only You

Besides the song itself, the pop group’s style in the latest music video of is worth the attention. Of course, some people do frown upon the scenes when the girls have the most minimal clothing on (though frown or no frown is really according to your personal taste!), but the real eye-catching fashion, comes from miss A’s Barbie pink outfits.

除了音樂之外,miss A最新〈Only You〉MV裡面的造型亦值得留意。有人為到她們MV裡的造型而皺眉(純屬個人口味吧!),認為她們太穿得太少。不過,miss A在MV中所穿的粉紅造型的確十分搶眼。

miss A - Suzy
miss A – Suzy
miss A - Min
miss A – Min

Starting with Moschino’s 2015 Spring collection, pink has been the new inspiration for other brands and trendsetters alike. Givenchy, Valentino, Nina Ricci, and Victoria Beckham have all tapped pink to their wardrobe essentials, so there’s no surprise in miss A’s choice of an all-pink theme, adding a bit classiness to the song.

自Moschino推出2015春季系列,粉紅色成為了今季的最新潮流,其他國際品牌如Givenchy、Valentino、Nina Ricci和Victoria Beckham均推出粉紅色的單品,難怪miss A也趕上這all-pink的風尚!

Moschino SS15
Moschino SS15

Mind us if we’re wrong, but a girl has got to have at least one pink item in her closet. Pink is an all-time loved color that doesn’t fall back in trend. The good news is that pink doesn’t have to be cute or only involve in high fashion. With a reasonable budget you can put on pink shorts and jackets to give an active look like Min, or a chic look with a simple dress like Fei, or a feminine look with a buckle jacket like Jia, or just go full-out girly with a crop top like Suzy. There are many shades of pink in the fashion world, but this year you are free to enjoy pink in any fashionable sense!

可能你並不認同,但女生衣櫃裡面一定要有至少一件粉紅單品。粉紅色永不過時,粉紅色亦不一定只穿出可愛風格或高尚格調,其實市面上有不少合理價錢的粉紅單品,各有不同的深淺度,只要運用創意,靈活搭配,就能夠穿出不同風格──粉紅高腰短褲加中袖外衣就能穿出像Min的好動造型;如果你喜歡優雅的造型的話,可以參考Fei那件透視淺粉紅裙子;淑女型的女生可以選擇像Jia那款有帶扣的夾克;青春型的女生則可以選擇像Suzy那款Crop Top。今年,就穿出屬於自己的粉紅色調吧!

miss A - Jia
miss A – Jia
miss A - Fei
miss A – Fei


Photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment


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