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HF Crewon September 17, 2014 at 8:00 am

聊起韓國音樂,除了紅遍世界的那些男團女團,其實當地的獨立音樂圈也發展得非常出色。在文化潮人「蒲點」首爾弘大就經常能看到許多年輕的獨立音樂人背著吉他,唱著歌;而在今年初,S.M 娛樂公司也公布投資新生音樂公司Baljunso的計劃,推動獨立音樂的發展。這期,HOKK fabrica為讀者專訪備受矚目的電音搖滾樂團LudiSTELO (루디스텔로 ),就讓我們跟韓樂走得更近吧!

L: LudiSTELO | Hf: HOKKfabrica

Hf: Hello. Please introduce yourselves.
中:你好, 先介紹一下自己吧!

L: We are LudiSTELO, an alternative rock (or electronic) band. Sangjin, ASH and drummer Juyeon constitute the team. Our band’s name is from a world language ‘Esperanto,’ meaning ‘Play a star.’ We debuted in 2013 and released our first album ‘Experience’ in April, 2014. We put our sentiments traveling around a lot of places in our songs.
中:我們是LudiSTELO,是一隊另類搖滾(或是電子)樂隊,由Sangjin、ASH和鼓手Juyeon組成。我們樂隊的名字來自世界語(Esperanto),解作「Play a star」。我們在2013年出道,並在2014年發行首張專輯《Experience》,歌曲裡包含了一些我們旅行時的經歷和感受。

LudiSTELO, korean indie band

Hf: Please tell us about your music style.
中: 講解一下你們的音樂風格。

L: We combined electronic and alternate rock, producing a unique type of song that comes as wonder in melody, rhythm, harmony, and lyrics. This music and the sound is our own way of making songs that we experienced. We put our identity as ‘Play a Star, Play the Earth’ and the places that are surrounding us and glimpses of life are motivational factors to us. A sentimental vibe, progressive program control, leading on to sounds from unique and new instruments are the core factors of LudiSTELO’s sound, and we combined several electronic aspects in our basic trio band instrument layout.
中: 我們結合了電子和另類搖滾,創怍出無論在曲調、旋律、和諧和歌詞上獨一無二的歌曲,音樂與聲音就是創作我們經歷的歌曲的方法。「Play a star, Play the Earth」就是我們的宗旨,生活上圍繞著我們的地方和事物都能令我們充滿動力;而共鳴、漸進的程序控制與獨特的聲音就是LudiSTELO最重要的一部分。另外還會在我們三人上加入一些電子元素。

LudiSTELO, korean indie band

Hf: How was the band LudiSTELO formed?
中: 那麼LudiSTELO是如何成立的?

L: Back in 2012, Sangjin and ASH met each other while they were traveling in Brunei and started to make songs jut for fun. A few 20 days later, both of them came back to Korea and decided to form a band. Then, drummer Juyeon who was a close friend of ASH’s as well as an artist willing to pursue in music joined the crew, creating the basic structure of the band.
中: 這個要說到2012年,當時Sangjin與ASH到汶萊旅行認識了對方,就開始寫歌,不過也是玩玩而已。大概過了20天後,他們回到韓國,決定要組成樂隊,而ASH的好友Juyeon亦因為對音樂的熱誠而加入,這就成樂隊的雛型。

Hf: How is LudiSTELO different from other bands?
中: LudiSTELO與其他樂隊相比有什麼不同?

L: We don’t have one specific member of the band taking charge of a song, but all three of us contribute to the song-making process. Since we have to perform all in live, we try to make our songs so that we could perform them on live, expressing LudiSTELO’s groove and style. If even one of us would be exempted from the band, our songs wouldn’t continue.
中: 我們沒有特定的人去負責一首歌,所有人都會參與歌曲的製作, 因為我們要確保每首歌都能夠在現場表演和表達到LudiSTELO的風格,如果當中有人可以被豁免的話,我們的歌曲就不能繼續下去了。

Hf: Is there a song that is the most ____________ to you?
中:哪一首歌讓你最 ____________ ?

Sangjin: The most ‘proud’ song – ‘Jungle Activity.’ This song marks the beginning of the band.
中: 最「令我驕傲」的歌是《Jungle Actvity》,這首歌代表著樂隊的開始。

Ash: The most ‘unique vibe’ song – ‘Summer Hill.’ This song has the most unique vibe among our released songs, although there are a lot of songs yet to be released.
中: 在我們已發佈的歌曲中最「有獨特氛圍」的是《Summer Hill》,雖然還有很多歌曲還沒發佈。

Juyeon: The most ‘want to perform’song – “Water roof.” I often feel very touched whenever I hear or perform this song.
中:Juyeon:最「想表演」的歌是 《Water roof》,每次聽到或表演時我也會十分感觸。

LudiSTELO, korean indie band

Hf: Pick a song that is the most meaningful to you.
中: 選一首你認為最有意思的歌吧!

Sangjin: The Prodigy – ‘Smack my bitch up’ I can never forget the moment when I first heard this song back in 1997. I was a heavy rock listener back then, but this one song made me pursue in electronic music.
中: The Prodigy的《Smack my bitch up》,我永遠無法忘記在1997年第一次聽到這首歌的那一刻,我是個重度搖滾愛好者,但這首歌令人投入了電子音樂。

ASH: Pantera – ‘Mouth for War’ When I heard this song, I made up my mind to play an electronic guitar whatsoever. It was really fortunate for me to begin playing a guitar in metal music.
中: Pantera的《Mouth for War》當我聽到這首歌,我便下定決心要彈電結他。我覺得一開始能夠在重金屬音樂玩結他是十分幸運的事。

Juyeon: Green day – ‘Basket Case’ I was an ordinary middle school student back then. This is the song when I first played the drum to.
中: Green day的《Basket Case》,那時候我還是中學生。我第一次打鼓也是學這首歌。

Hf: How is a normal day at LudiSTELO’s?
中: 平日LudiSTELO是怎樣的?

L: Sangjin will probably listen to music or sketch a new song near our music room. ASH will be most likely to watch a movie with a big projector screen. Juyeon would be teaching future drummers at an academy or film his practice performance with his newly bought laptop.
中: Sangjin平日會聽聽歌或是寫歌;ASH大多時候會用大投映機屏幕看電影;而Juyeon就會到學校教授打鼓或是用他新買的手提電腦拍攝自己練習的情況。

Hf: Could you tell us about your next outdoor performance or a hint at your next album?
中: 可以告訴我們下一次的戶外表演和下一張專輯的細節嗎?

L:We will be participating in major outdoor rock festivals and Korea’s largest band showcase ‘Zandari Festa.’ We plan to release a new EP at the end of this year in December or early next year in January.
中: 我們將會參與不同的大型搖滾音樂節和韓國最大型樂隊公演《Zandari Festa》;另外我們打算在12月未或明年一月推出全新EP。

LudiSTELO, korean indie band

Hf: One final random question. The best place to ___________.
中: 最後一個隨機問題,最好的地方⋯⋯?

Sangjin: The best place to ‘spend a night out’ would be Yeonnam-dong in Seoul. This place is close to our music room and a nice place to drink out with friends. I might be drinking beer with friends every Friday in Yeonnam-dong.
中: Sangjin:可以讓人待一個晚上的最佳地點應該是首爾的延南洞,這個地很近我們的音樂室,而且是個跟朋友去喝東西的好地方,每個星期五我都會跟朋友來這裡喝酒。

Ash: The best place to ‘get inspiration’ would be inside Ludi (our band car). We talk about various topics when we are in the car and it is a great place to brainstorm for ideas. We tend to specify on our plans to make songs and we often reach a conclusion while we are moving in the car. The conversations that we had in the car played a big role in shaping the way for our songs we already released.
中: ASH:最能夠獲得靈感的地方是Ludi(樂隊的車)。在車內我們會討請各式各樣的話題,研究不同的建議。我們還會詳細地討論音樂製作上的計劃,而這些對話對於我們已經發佈的歌曲有很大作用。

Juyeon: The best place to ‘get inspiration’ would be in the academy. When I hear my students playing the drum or when I’m alone playing the drum, I get a lot of inspirations.
中: Juyeon:最能夠獲得靈感的地方是學校。每當見到我的學生打鼓或者我自己一個人打鼓時,我就會有很多靈感。

LudiSTELO, korean indie band

Before Sunrise

Summer hill

Jungle Activity

All photos courtesy of LudiSTELO

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