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Last time, we introduced you to a foodie’s guide to Korean street food and an insider’s guide to Korean barbeque. In this episode, we will walk you through Korean snacks you can easily found at a local supermarket even if you’re not in Korea. Here goes the list!


01 Choco Pie

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This chocolate pie is the No.1 Korean snack, with a history of 40 years. This round-shaped pie has layers of cake with marshmallow filling inside, coated with chocolate on the outside. Once it expanded its market abroad, choco pie has been loved the most from Korea, Russia, Vietnam and China.


02 Banana Milk


korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,banana milk,milk,melon milk,strawberry milk

This banana flavored milk drink is a must-try when you come to Korea, but don’t worry. It has seen a big success in China, and they have expanded their markets in different parts of Asia. Even the famous K-pop idol group Girls’ Generation has been featured as promotion models. Its recent variation is Melon Milk, to which Korean consumers expressed mixed responses.


03 Pepero

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,pepero,chocolate stick,pocky,chocolate biscuits

Similar to Japan’s Pocky, this chocolate stick is one big of a snack in Korea which even has a designated day for it, called ‘Pepero Day’ when Koreans exchange Pepero to each other on November 11st because of the four 1’s resembling Peperos on this day. Variations include the cookie stick covered in almond toppings, the chocolate coating in the inside instead of the outside, called ‘nude pepero,’ and white cookie peperos somewhat similar to Oreos.

跟日本的Pocky差不多,這巧克力條是韓國其中一款最受歡迎的零食,甚至將11月11日定為「Pepero Day」,當天韓國人會互相交換Pepero,因為4個1就像代表著Pepero。其他種類還有果仁巧克力條、裡外都是巧克力的「nude pepero」,還有像Oreo的白曲奇巧克力條。

 04 Saeukkang

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,Saeukkang, shrimp crackers

Every Asian country has its variations for shrimp crackers, and Korea has one too. Called Saeukkang(새우깡), the name literally means crackers made out of shrimps. The snack has variations such as potato-kkang, sweet potato-kkang and lots more. The Korean shrimp crackers are one of the oldest snacks in Korea. This comes out in big sizes too, easily given out as free service food in KTVs.


05 Melona

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,melona,ice lollies

It could take days to explain about the tasty ice lollies in Korea, but here’s one signature brand – Melona. This rectangular ice cream just tastes like sweetened melon in a condensed form. This also comes out in different flavors such as strawberry, mango, and banana. This is one of the easiest Korean ice lollies you can find outside of Korea.


06 Jollypong

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite, jollypong,corn

Crunchy and sweet, a corn-shaped snack that can either be eaten as morning cereals. Jollypong comes with a foldable mini cardboard that can be used as a spoon to scoop up the snacks. In fact, most Koreans eat Jollypong with milk as cereals. It sweetens the milk like any other cereals.


07 Sausage stick

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,sausage stick, fishy sausage,fish

This flour-based fishy sausage stick might not be the sausage stick you’ve been thinking of, but apparently it is a big hit among Korean children. Variations include mini bits of cheese in the sausage, ham and more.


08 Kokal cone

korean snacks, snacks, yummy, all time favourite,kokal cone,cornAnother corn snack, coming in peak-hat shaped cones that can actually fit your fingers. Put them in each of your fingers, play around with them, and grab a bite. Fun, simple and tasty.





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