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Is there anyone who prefers reading paperbacks than digital content? There is something about reading books in the library that can’t be guaranteed by scrolling down the screen on your laptop or even kindle. Let alone the smell of books, the atmosphere that libraries and book cafes provide is indeed unique, and definitely something that could spice up your reading experience. Hf will now introduce some Indie bookshops in Seoul that are popular but not widely-known.

雖然數碼化的產物佔據我們大部份的生活,但相信有不少人仍然喜歡把紙本捧在手上的那份獨特感。在圖書館內看書是有一種不能被電腦或kindle所能取代的感覺。除了書本所發出的書卷氣味外,圖書館和Book Café的氛圍也是獨一無二的。現在就讓Hf為你介紹在首爾的一些很受歡迎卻不是廣為人知的獨立書店,下次到首爾旅遊又有新地方可去了!

YOUR-MIND (유어 마인드)

YOUR-MIND is one of the most famous indie bookshops in Seoul probably because the shop is easily accessible as it is located in Hongdae area and also for the fact that it holds many events to raise awareness for independent publishers.


韓國首爾獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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The biggest event is a flea market called “Unlimited Edition” which is held once a year and goes on for two days. In this festival, independent books, journals, CDs and stationary products are displayed and can be bought on site. The market is open for interaction, though. Buyers can get to interview independent artists. Moreover, the bookshop itself is a huge attraction for many; you can enjoy ad-hoc events such as lectures, small staged performances, talk shows, documentary film sessions with cats.

全年最大的活動就是一年兩天的「Unlimited Edition」跳蚤市集,你可以在市集中看到獨立的書本、雜誌、CD或文具,看到喜歡後就可以到網站上購買。市集的目的是讓不同人士進行交流,買家可以藉此跟藝術家交談。再者,書店本身就已經有很多吸引人的地方,例如你可以參與很多特設的活動,如講座、小型舞台表演、脫口秀,還可以和店內的貓貓一起觀看不同的記錄片。

韓國首爾獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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韓國獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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地址: 5th floor, 326-29 View Building, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
網站: yourmind-bookshop.com
電話: +(82) 70-8821-8990
營業時間: 2:00 PM-9:30 PM(星期一休息)

Off to ( ___ ) alone (오프투얼론)

The name of shop is the name of a project that follows a story from the first-perspective, mostly about daily life and going on trips. Also as known as “printed matters only shop,” Off to ALONE sells books, postcards, posters, notebooks and illustration.
店鋪的名字是關於一個與第一印象有關的設計,而設計主要是關於生活和旅遊。而這間店鋪亦有「只關於紙品」的意思,Off to ALONE出售不同的書本、明信片、記事簿和插畫。

韓國首爾獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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The shop offers various kinds of aesthetically pleasing, visual-oriented printed materials from small individual publishers. Comfortably nested in a traditional Korean building, Hanok, Off to ALONE caters a wide range of products from young artists and even foreign designers.

韓國獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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Off to ( ____) ALONE
地址: 31-23, Tongin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul (서울 종로구 통인동 31-23)
網站: nakwhee.com
營業時間: 不定 (每星期會於網站內公佈)

Banbanbooks (반반북스)

Banbanbooks offers books that are to the point of what is very typical Korean. Illustration books, poems and novels are of common stories that most Koreans could relate to. Banbanbooks became popular among Koreans as a new way of communication – easy access and active discussion forums on its social media channels. The best part is that Banbanbooks offers various activities that any book lover can join, including but not limited to workshops and reading clubs called Chekban. The workshop is a Indesign and Photoshop course for those who are interested in independent publishing.


韓國首爾獨立書店indie book store travel tips
韓國首爾獨立書店indie book store travel tips
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地址: 203, Jugong apartment block 7, Dongil-ro 1456, Nowon-gu, Seoul (서울 노원구 동일로 1456, 상계주공아파트상가 302호)
網站: banbanbook.blog.me
電話: +82)10-9150-1696
營業時間: 不定(星期日休息)

HOKK fabrica
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