HOKKollab Vol.12:屬於大人世界的零食

HF Crewon April 25, 2015 at 10:25 am

「HOKKollab」 是HOKK fabrica的全新企劃項目,透過與不同範疇的創作人合作,在推廣本地藝術同時,為讀者帶來更創新和豐富的內容,以及全新的閱讀體驗,讓藝術融入閱讀當中。看過攝影師Kiu Szeto與我們的編輯合作後,Hf請來香港平面設計師、旅者兼專欄作家Cavi,為《The Age Issue》帶來她的零食創意之作,不知道當中你又找不找到你的童年回憶呢?

We all have little guilty desires within us. As guilty they might be, they are in no way harmful but sweet. As a foodie, my guilty pleasure is to sneak a taste of food since I was young. Therefore, I designed a series of packaging that could help us sneak a taste of food at all age; from primary school kid to elderly. I was also inspired by my lovely grandma, who happens to be a foodie and loves to sneak a taste of food from time to time.


I think sneaking a taste of food brings us fun. The sense of accomplishment achieved after you’ve successfully sneaked a taste of food is exciting. And I think this little excitement is actually healthy to us. Why not add this little happiness to our days and make our lives more fun?

「偷食」是充滿樂趣的,不被發現時那種成功感更是會令你感到興奮。我認為這種興奮的感覺是健康的,為何不將這種「偷食」 的小樂趣,加入你的生活當中?

“Sneak a taste for a little happiness.”

Primary School

hokkollab香港網上雜誌藝術文化hokk fabrica插畫

This is my all-time favourite snack since primary school. An Oreo pencil case and a milky pencil sharpener are the perfect match to bring to class.
這是我小學時最愛的零食。Oreo 曲奇餅筆袋與牛奶鉛筆刨是上課時的完美組合。


hokkollab香港網上雜誌藝術文化hokk fabrica插畫
Is that why university students always have a cup of coffee with them?


hokkollab香港網上雜誌藝術文化hokk fabrica插畫
Chocolate is a better stress releaser and mood booster. And you don’t have to go to the back alley to enjoy it.


hokkollab香港網上雜誌藝術文化hokk fabrica插畫
Retirement is boring. Why not cheer yourself with a box of candy while finishing the Sudoku on the newspaper? It is now handy to bring around too!
退休生活難免沈悶,何不在解決數獨難題時以糖果為自己打打氣?到處攜帶也方便呢 !


hokkollab香港網上雜誌藝術文化hokk fabrica插畫
Take with the onset of stress, depression, boredom, loneliness, loss of iPhone, lack of discount at the supermarket, failure to solve Sudoku, lost in mahjong.

About Cavi

I worked at a commercial radio station as a graphic designer for a year and realised I don’t want to be trapped and wasted my time all day in front of a computer doing designs that I don’t even enjoy. Therefore I went to New York for a period of time, it’s kinda like a life experience. Not only was I inspired by the city, but also met many interesting people and stories. One of the most memorable experiences was when I worked for a Lego artist Sean Kenney and joined his creative team as a Lego builder.
And now, I am the guest editor of a Taiwan stationery magazine where I feature unique stationery design stores in New York and Europe.

曾經於一間商業電台就任平面設計師一年,發覺自己原來不願意每天被困於電腦前設計一些連自己都不喜歡的設計。因此,我後來去了紐約一段時間,見識了不少。我很被紐約市所啓發,還遇上不同的人和事。其中一個最難忘的,就是我為Lego Artist Sean Kenny工作的日子,我成為了他創意團隊的Lego Builder。現在,我是一本台灣文具雜誌的客席編輯,專門介紹來自紐約與歐洲的有趣文具設計店。

Facebook: Manimanihomm.travel
Behance: cavichan
Website: manimanihomm.com

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