HOKKollab Vol.01 : Kayan Kwok ──藝術就是畢生的鬥爭

HF Crewon October 18, 2014 at 10:06 am

「HOKKollab」 是HOKK fabrica的全新企劃項目,透過與不同範疇的創作人合作,在推廣本地藝術同時,為讀者帶來更創新和豐富的內容,以及全新的閱讀體驗,讓藝術融入閱讀當中。第一炮我們和香港畫家、插畫和平面設計師Kayan Kwok合作,創作一系列《想像就是現實──四大美男的幻想》的插畫。現在,就讓我們了解Kayan 的創作世界吧!

Vintage, retro, pin up, collage are the keywords for her works, she also is fascinated by the advertisement during the 1920 – 1960 in American. Therefore her work reflected certain element from back then but then she also added some graphic design element, which make it different from traditional collage.

Collage has a surrealism background, but other then that, it also acts like Alchemy, because you are putting stuff together from different places and times, the result is clearly unpredictable and this is what makes collage so fascinated.



My Formula(我的方程式)

30% Quirky  X  20% sodium  + 20% morphine –  3 drops of water = Me

Art to me is…(對我而言,藝術創作是…)

A life time struggle

Hong Kong is…(香港是…)

A rotten apple, yet beautiful and most importantly I’m still in love with it. The aesthetic of death.

Three words to describe my work (3個字來形容我的作品)

1  Alchemy

2  Aesthetic

3  Abnormal

One last thing you need to know about me (最後一樣關於我,你必須知道的東西)

I’m a bubble tea addict  😀

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graphic designer, kwok kayan
來自Kayan的「A poster per day for 365 days 」計劃,365天期間她每天都會製作一副畫報!

graphic designer, kwok kayan
名字:Kayan Kwok

Kayan Kwok, 居港藝術家、插畫和平面設計師,「 a k e k e 」的創始人和「A.D.1.2 Artist Cooperate Organization」共同創始人。


All photos courtesy of Kayankwok

Learn more about Kayan Kwok on cargocollective.com/kayankwok

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