Everything is Awesome: Banksy in Lego

London’s street art and graffiti scene has always been vibrant and active thanks to Banksy, Banksy is a Bristol-born graffiti artist famous for his humorous graffiti arts and stenciling techniques. He doodles on public surfaces and is believed to have produced as many as 600 pieces of street art. Banksy sees no limitations to his platform – while oftentimes he paints on walls, his creativity would occasionally extend to public props such as phone booths and water pumps. Whether the stenciled work is a fierce leopard, a coy-looking maiden, or a courageous soldier, Banksy’s art never fails to entice us. His art not only always manages to catch by- passers’ attention but also more often than not puts a smile on them. Saluting Banksy’s humour and originality, award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen, has recently re-created Banksy’s selected works in Lego, calling them Bricksy.

What is so exciting about this project is that Banksy’s arts have been made cartoony. Following the Lego movie released earlier this year which has brought ‘the Lego hype’ to a new height, this conjoined project leverages the hype and presents something refreshing to street art zealots, Lego enthusiasts, and photography lovers. As you appreciate Friesen’s photography, you should think Lego, Nano blocks, and bricks. Such big contrast to Banksy’s loud originals is, without a doubt, a breath of fresh air – the re-creations are colourful and lively. Furthermore, the beauty of the Lego blocks also lies within the standardized yet different forms built for the imitations.

Photos via www.thebrickfantastic.com and www.banksy.co.uk



23 July 2014, 4:52 AM

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