Sachawon (사차원): 韓國瘋狂名人實錄

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Fake or real? Just by looking at what they’re doing and how they talk, it’s pretty hard to tell if that’s their nature of if they’re faking it. Often associated with the Korean term Sachawon (사차원), four-dimensional personality, these Korean figures act in the craziest way possible that most of the times bring laughter and sometimes … terror. Here, we introduce some of these four-dimensional figures, covering both celebrities and non-celebrities to show you how crazy Koreans can get.


01 The No.1 Dol+I Star, Noh Hongchul (盧弘喆)

Do you remember the elevator guy from PSY’s Gangnam Style music video? This is him, Noh Hongchul, known for his crazy insane behavior shown on TV shows. He is the number one public icon when it comes to craziness due to his wild nature. He is often quoted as Dol+I, meaning a fool or a crazy person with a Korean pun. Some of his crazy moments include going up to foreigners and making friends with them instantly, showing off his trademark dance moves as shown in PSY’s music video, scaring others away, laughing like a madman and boasting about his bizarre sense of fashion. Screenshots and videos of his crazy moments could maybe explain more than words.


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Elevator guy in PSY’s Gangnam Style music video:

Psycho Noh Hongchul:

02   Looking over No’s spot, Kwanghee (光熙) 

Who would have ever expected Noh’s empire to be torn down by another crazy star? A member of a Kpop idol group ZE:A, Kwanghee is known for his playful attitude and somewhat a gay-ish way of speaking. He diverges away from the traditional image of idol groups, establishing his character as a funny icon and not afraid of showing his embarrassing moments on live. Kwanghee first got fame by bragging about his artificial nose and all the spots where he got plastic surgery. Since it is socially rare for Korean guys to get plastic surgery (… at least compared to Korean girls), him being a ‘plastic face’ himself instantly drew attention. He even had a shoot for a plastic surgery surgeon ad. Interesting!


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Plastic surgery surgeon ad:

Following are online stars for their crazy UCCs. Mostly posted on Youtube and Facebook, the following gained fame originally by uploading covers of idol group songs on their Facebook page which quickly went viral. Here we introduce two of the many rising web stars.


03   Rising internet star, ‘Feeling Feel’ Lee Senghyeon 

This middle schooler is known for his crazy covers of famous Kpop groups, mostly 2NE1. Check out some of his crazy videos below. These somehow reflect a typical scene at a Korean middle school, playing around with friends at school.


2NE1 – Fire cover by Lee:

Lee Hi – 1234 cover by Lee:

04   Cutie pie, Mickey Mouse Alba

Another crazy internet star is this cute little boy who named himself as Mickey Mouse Mask Alba, since he used to work on populated streets of Seoul dancing off as a part time job while he had to wear a Mickey Mouse mask. This time, he moved his stage to a convenient store where he covers some K-pop songs using a few items from the store as supplementary props. Time to Watch?

在首爾街頭你會發現一位帶著米奇老鼠頭套的表演者,他把自己稱為Mickey Mouse Mask Alba,最近他在便利店拍了一段模仿片段,還用上一些商品充當道具,有興趣就去看一下吧!

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Most popular UCC (Cattalena):

Mickey Mouse Alba的 YouTube 頻道:

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