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Korea can get very frosty during wintertime; sometimes it’s impossible for you to walk the streets in the cold weather. Cafes and restaurants could be a good idea for you to get warm, but why not make the most out of it while you’re at it? Here are some specially designed cafes that take on the mood like that of the attics, warming up your body and healing your soul.


Café 2na

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/ café 2na

This small yet cozy place at Daehak-ro takes on the duplex floor interior, which adds more of the attic-like mood to the place. All the seats are sitting down ones, which means you have to sit cross-legged on the floor. Don’t worry, the floor is covered with blankets that will warm up your legs.

However, the real reason for the popularity of this café comes from the owner’s love of the Korean variety TV show Infinite Challenge. At the time of the show on Saturdays around 6:30 p.m., they turn off the lights except for the big TV to watch the show together. If you’d like to have a good laugh and quality time with other strangers who love this show, this is the café to be at.
不過這家店能走紅的原因是源於老闆對韓國綜藝節目《無限挑戰》的喜愛。每週六下午六點半, 這家店會把燈都關了,大家一起圍坐在電視大屏幕前觀看這節目。如果你想和其他喜愛這節目的陌生人一起度過一段愉快的時光,這家咖啡館會是最棒的選擇。
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/café 2na

Tip: Their best menu is the Honey Misutgaru, a drink made out of powder of roast grain, a traditional Korean drink. Along with that, they have the Mickey Mouse Waffle as one of their other favorites.
小貼士:他們的招牌飲料是Honey Misutharu,一種用烤穀物粉做成的傳統韓式飲品。此外,Mickey Mouse Waffle也頗受歡迎。

地址:21-12 2nd floor Myeongnyun 2-Ga, Jongro-Gu, Seoul

Café Demitasse

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/ breadcoffeeflower

This brunch café is as vintage as it can get, making you feel at home. The orders taken get made at an open kitchen which shows just how fresh the ingredients are and makes up for the long time it takes for the menus to get served. As the café is so intricately decorated, the place was filmed several times as a background in music videos such as Solar of Mamamoo’s song “The longings pile up”. This is a stop-by café perfect for those who want to taste home-made meals surrounded by a cozy, vintage mood of an attic.

這家Brunch Café 非常復古,讓你有種回家的感覺。所有訂單都會直接交到開放式的廚房,顧客可以清楚地看到他們的食材都是最新鮮的。因為是下單後現做,烹飪時間也相對較長。這裡因為裝修繁複精美而成為不少音樂錄音帶的取景地。 Mamamoo的成員Solar就曾在這裡為歌曲〈The Longings pile up〉取景。對於那些既想品嚐自家私房口味的食物,又想擁有一個舒適復古環境的顧客來說,這家咖啡館再好不過了。

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/ breadcoffeeflower

Tip: For those who have hard time choosing, the best menus are perilla seed covered rice topped with mushrooms, quince tea and bean flour ice cream. Also, they sell Northern European dishes on the side.

地址:133 Changuimun-Ro, Jongro-Gu, Seoul

Café The Bridge

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/ Café the Bridge

This is the place to go if you miss the small wooden tree houses you played around when you were young. Small, roughly made attic rooms at Café the Bridge give you that secluded yet cozy feeling of being in your little room tailored for you.
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/Café the Bridge

Tip: There are two types of seats-an attic and open-spaced tables.

地址:398-5 Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul

Café Yeon

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/Café Yeon

Café Yeon provides a room-like environment, but with a twist. It is designed like a traditional Korean house, with best menus such as Korean style pancakes and hand-made jujube tea. Located near Bukchon village, this cozy café can give you the chance to experience the insides of traditional Korean-styled houses.
Café Yeon的房間以非一般的傳統的韓式屋舍為設計。他們最受歡迎的菜色包括韓式薄餅和手工棗茶。這家位於北村附近的咖啡廳,能夠讓你體驗一下身處傳統韓屋內的滋味。
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/Café Yeon

Tip: The attic rooms can be used for two hours. Also, there are a variety of teas and coffees made with foreign methods (such as Vietnamese and Laos), making this café unique.

地址:84-3 Samcheong-Ro, Jongro-Gu, Seoul

Café Coffee Gallery

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/ seoulspread

This is a café that provides a variety of sitting positions. You can sit at tables with several friends, sit in a small cozy room with the special one or sit alone on a table just for one. As the sitting arrangements show you, this café is full of decorations and interiors that are worth looking around and trying out. Why not step inside from the cold and share small chit-chats with your beloved ones at this ornately-designed attic café?

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌

韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌 韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
韓國首爾旅遊閣樓咖啡店hokk fabrica香港線上雜誌
Via Instagram/seoulspread

Tip: The third floor opens at 3pm on weekends. Among many menus, the waffles are the must-eats at this café.

地址:13-8 Ganggnamdae-Ro, 102 Gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul

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